Duston Eldean Primary School

Inclusion & Equality

Disability Discrimination Act

At Eldean we are committed to providing a fully accessible environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors. We are further committed to challenging attitudes about disability and accessibility and developing a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion.

Equal Opportunities

We wish to promote positive attitudes in children, staff, governors and parents so that the pupils can fulfil their potential and make choices, unhampered by expectations based on stereotyping. We seek to fulfil the aims of the school for all pupils and value our differences.

Equalities Information, Objectives and Accessibility Plan

In accordance with the Public Sector Equality Duty 2011 act we have published our Equalities Information and Equalities Objectives. The Governing Body has developed a Disability Accessibility Plan. All these documents are available for inspection at the School Office and within the 'Policies' section of our website. 

Learning Styles

Learning in a wide variety of ways enhances learning potential and effectiveness. When teaching matches an individual’s preferred learning style the probability that successful learning takes place will be greatly improved, especially when learning something new or difficult.

There are 4 types of learning styles identified in our planning:

  1. Visual learning
  2. Auditory learning
  3. Kinaesthetic learning
  4. Tactile learning

At Duston Eldean teachers plan learning to accommodate the full range of learning styles, but also take into account the needs of children with strong preferences for one style.

We all learn differently and it helps me to stay focused

Shannon (Year 3 Pupil)

Learning Environment

At Duston Eldean we strive to provide a learning environment which enables children to learn in ways which best suit their needs.

  • Some children learn best in groups, others prefer working on their own, or in pairs.
  • Some children can concentrate better in bright light, others function better in more subdued lighting.
  • Some children produce their best work seated at a table, while others work better seated on a cushion on the floor.
  • Some children prefer to work in silence and wear headphones to block out background noise.

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