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Medical Needs

Please ensure relevant staff are aware of any medical needs your child may have. 

Medication must be handed to the School Office by a parent or carer, with written and signed instructions completed on our school form.

We will make every attempt to keep you informed if your child has had a health problem during the day. If we consider the illness or accident to be more serious, we will comfort the pupil and contact you, or a person you have identified as a contact, as soon as possible. Please make sure that we have 3 daytime contact and telephone numbers in case of an emergency.

In the rare event that a child should need urgent attention, in accordance with our duty of care, we will take such immediate steps as are necessary to ensure the safety of the child.

Our School Nurse is happy to discuss any health related issues with parents.

There’s lots of people to look after you when you get hurt.


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