Duston Eldean Primary School

School Behaviour & Anti-bullying

As a school we :

  • have high expectations of behaviour
  • value and acknowledge effort and recognise that mistakes are a necessary part of learning
  • have clear procedures in response to inappropriate behaviour which may affect the learning, safety or welfare of others

Bullying, both verbal and physical, is not tolerated at our school. We keep a vigilant eye on our children in the school and in the playground. If any bullying is identified, we act firmly and promptly providing support for all children invloved.

Our Anti-Bullying policy (see "Policies" section) was developed with the help of our children in the Friendship and Anti-Bullying group (FAB) and a child-friendly version is exhibited in every classroom.

Our Huge Unbelievable Great Goal (HUGG)


We want the children at Duston Eldean to understand the importance of kindness in our lives and the impact we can have on others.  Our HUGG, to be more kind and thoughtful, provides termly targets to explicitly teach children vocabulary and actions to promote these qualities.

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