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Welcome to Year One!

In Year One, the children experience many learning opportunities to begin to develop their independence along with many lifelong skills. These include experiences of how to share and take turns, how to work effectively in groups and how to make effective choices to support their learning. They experience a rich curriculum by continuing their forest school lessons and making connections with nature through learning about our natural environment. The introduction to cooking lessons will provide opportunities to experience new tastes and textures and learning to use cooking equipment safely.  

Key Dates

  • Library Day: Hedgehogs (Monday) Barn Owls (Thursday)
  • Indoor PE: Hedgehogs (Tuesday pm) Barn Owls (Monday pm)
  • Outdoor PE: Hedgehogs (Thursday pm) Barn Owls (Thursday am)
  • Cookery and Forest School: Tuesday morning (alternate terms)


Parents are encouraged to play an important part in our children’s learning through home learning activities including the need for regular reading, spelling practise and shared maths tasks.  

Spelling tests are on a Monday.


The expectation is for children to read their school banded reading book at least three times in a week (preferably more). Sharing of the school library book is also encouraged as a reading for pleasure learning opportunity. Reading logs will be checked weekly.

Letter formation packs are available and will be sent home regularly to support the accuracy in letter formation to help children to increase their fluency and presentation in writing throughout the year.

Phonics Screening

In Year One, the statutory assessment takes place during w.c Monday 8th June 2020. It is crucial your child attends school during this week. The assessment involves children reading forty words using their decoding and blending skills to show accuracy of phonemes when reading. The assessment is made up of forty words, twenty are real words and twenty are nonsense words to ensure the knowledge of each phoneme and grapheme is secure. Information sessions will be held to keep you informed about this in term four. The assessment is very relaxed and only takes between 5-10 minutes. It is vital that children leave Year One with an accurate understanding of the phonemes within the English language.


Throughout the year, children leave Year One having experienced a variety of trips and ‘wow’ moments. These include a trip to Woburn Safari Park early on in term one to support children’s growing passion for animals and their characteristics. In term three, this is also enhanced with a visit from a company called Tropical Inc. who provide the opportunity for the children to get up close to animals like Python snakes and meerkats. In term four, we learn about toys, old and new and Abington Park Museum visit us to share toys dating back to WW1. To finish the year, we visit Holdenby House, in Northamptonshire to experience a day as a ‘Victorian servant’ working for Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale. The trips are all linked to our rich wider curriculum and every trip is planned in mind with enhancing the learning for the children.

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