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Welcome to Year Two!

 In Year Two, the children continue to build on their learning experiences from Year One. The children develop their independence further through looking after their own pencil cases and being able to choose support resources in the classroom. Life skills that are taught include effective teamwork, how to resolve conflict and how to sustain concentration levels for longer.

Our curriculum focuses on teaching new skills and revisiting ones previously mastered, in order to prepare for the statutory assessments at the end of Key Stage One. The introduction of Numbots increases children’s mental recall.

Key Dates:

Library Days: Badgers (Monday PM) Otters (Wednesday PM)

Indoor PE: Badgers (Wednesday AM) Otters (Monday PM)

Outdoor PE: Badgers and Otters (Friday PM)


Parents are encouraged to play an important part in our children's learning through home learning activities.

All homework will be issued on a Friday and is due in on a Friday.

- Times table tests take place every Friday and then homework to help your child progress is sent home the same day.

- Each term, there is a topic project challenge. The deadline for this is printed at the bottom of the sheet.

- Spelling zappers are issued and are then tested on alternate Thursdays, if your child is ready to be tested between the sessions, they can sign up on the classroom board to be tested.

- Your child should be reading at least 3 times a week out loud to you. They can then ask to change their book.


The expectation is for children to read their school banded reading book at least three times in a week (preferably more). Sharing of the school library book is also encouraged as a reading for pleasure learning opportunity. Reading logs will be checked weekly.

Letter formation packs are available to support handwriting and will be sent home regularly to support the accuracy in letter formation to help children to increase their presentation in writing throughout the year. Towards the end of the year, if the

children are able to form all letters correctly, key joining patterns are introduced gradually to increase fluency.

Children should be able to form sentences that make sense and that are well punctuated. Spelling independently through the application of their phonics and spelling knowledge is something that will develop throughout the year.

Key Stage One Assessments:

In Year Two, the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) are taken at the end of May. It is vital that your child attends school in these two weeks. The assessments consist of six papers: Two reading papers, two maths papers, a spelling paper and a punctuation and grammar paper. The aim of these assessments is to assess the children’s understanding of the curriculum taught to them in Years 1 and 2. There will be information sessions in term 4 to keep you informed and explain further. The assessments are taken in small groups, with regular breaks and are spread out across both weeks.

Year 2 Highlights:

-Healthy Tea Party/Local walk (Term 1)

-Traditional Kenyan food and dance (Term 2)

-Explorer Day (Term 3)

-Christmas Production (Term 4)

-Great Fire of London Day (Term 4)

-Seaside trip (Term 6)




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